A rich family life in a tiny space.


Artist’s Home and Studio



Team (lekker design)

Ong Ker-Shing, Joshua Comaroff, Yee Huixian, Germain Goh


This project was a renovation of a small flat, near Tanjong Rhu Road. The clients are an artist from Korea, her Singaporean husband, and their young daughter. The brief included two bedrooms, as well as a small studio for the artist to work at home. The owners expressed a desire for an unusual design, that would make the apartment seem open and spacious, and at the same time would have elements of surprise. Their taste was very contemporary, but there was also an interest in decorative elements that were not strictly part of a minimalist, modern language.

The new design is organized around a series of “carpets” areas of floor that are loosely defined by accent materials. For the kitchen and living areas, traditional regional border tiles were used, with strong decorative colors and patterns. These were placed in “incorrect” orders, making new patterns that appear to drift across the floor. These, and areas of warm wood flooring were set into a base of seamless white epoxy. As a result, the apartment feels both decorated and abstract.

Against this backdrop, a series of customized cabinet and ceiling systems were added. These are made from plywood that is surfaced in white on its faces, but left raw on the edges. This material creates a series of grids: in the artist’s studio ceiling, as well as for shelving in the bedroom and a large console / shelving system in the living room that conceals the TV, XBOX, and other entertainment items. There were also some special considerations for the young daughter. Her room includes custom cabinets for toys and books, many of which can be stacked together, or wheeled across the floor like carts. Most of all, there is a slide that descends from the top of her bunk bed making getting out of bed in the morning a little more fun.

All images by Darren Soh/ Fullframephotos