How we work


Lekker is a "deep" research and design agency. We work on funded studies that explore architecture as a medium for social engagement—that is, how environments can tell stories and communicate emotions, encourage activity, and empower people. These are focused mainly in the areas of experiential spaces (including those for education and inclusion), design for children, and for ageing and dementia. Our research is granted by national agencies, and in partnership with institutions such as the National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities. Our research projects typically result in quantitative and qualitative data, prototypes, and reports. 


This research allows us to enrich our clients' projects with data, without burdening them with lengthy and costly research phases. As an architectural practice, we commonly work under a number of arrangements


Design Consultancy

In this model, we create design ideas for clients, and work with leading industry architects to deliver them. Our scope can range from concept ideation—creating visuals that your team can evaluate and discuss— to the production of drawings for tender. We can also attend site meetings, to ensure that the contractor delivers the product that you approved. In this way, you get our design with the muscle and deep experience of a large firm, for the same fee.This was the model for projects such as the Funan Showsuite for Capitamalls, produced with RSP Architects.  


Turn-key Delivery

This is a "full service" design package that leads from concept through construction administration. It typically includes submission to authorities, full drawing and documentation, and the management of tender, construction, contract, and defects. This was the model for projects such as the Gallery / House in Singapore. 


Time-based services

In this arrangement, we provide clients with short-term consultation on their projects in the context of meetings, workshops, and evaluations.